Hot Topics Related to Investment in Malaysian Business

I bought the Malaysian Business magazine, November 1st – 15th 2010. Here are some topics related to investment which are very useful for me and investors. 

  1. EPF Not to Subsidise Plus by Kadir Jasin – Page 8
  2. Budget Boost for Market by Salleh Majid (Former President of the Bursa Malaysia) – Page 14
  3. Why EPF Could Be Taking A Risk by Yvonne Chong – Page 16
  4. HELP Goes International by Gurmeet Kaur – Page 26
  5. Ringgit Rise : Prelude to a Bust? by G.Sivalingam – Page 47
  6. The Mortgage Time Bomb by Azizi Ali – Page 7 (Housing and Property)
  7. Opportunities for the Bond Market by Tengku Datuk Zafrul Tengku Aziz – Page 60
  8. The Right Course to Profit by William Wermine – Page 64

Read to be a SMART INVESTOR!

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